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First things first, stop what you’re doing and pay close attention. This is the most important thing you’ll learn today and for years ahead.

The reason I say this is because you should know why losing weight is so difficult, and it all begins with the metabolism. When you diet, you’re really slowing down your metabolism and increasing hunger at the same time.

If you want to speed up your metabolism to begin the fat burning process sooner, here’s what you need to do…


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Get Healthy, Lose Weight

You don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight

If you focus on the weight loss, you won’t necessarily get healthy. Some weight loss methods such as pre-packaged food diets, starvation diets, medication, gastric bypass – these things don’t make you healthy. You may lose weight, but you end up gaining the weight right back.

So the first principle is to get healthy first.

What I mean about getting healthy first is:

1. Get your energy back

2. Regularly get a good night’s sleep

3. Fix your digestion

4, Get rid of your cravings

Healthy means you are not on medication — your body simply works correctly and you have a lot of vitality. So change your goal to get healthy.

It is most likely something triggered your weight gain:

  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • An illness

All of these are events that can cause weight gain.

Re-focus your energy from losing weight to getting healthy and you WILL lose the weight as you re-gain your health.

Instead focus on:

  • losing the cravings,
  • increasing energy,
  • getting good, healthy sleep
  • create a higher tolerance for stress to avoid stress-related weight gain.

Then the weight will come off and stay off for the long term.

Fat Understood

This next concept is very vital and important and misunderstood. And many people don’t know this principle.

In order to get rid of fat, you have to understand fat thoroughly and why you have so much of it.

The average person runs their body on sugar fuel—very few people are actually burning fat (ketosis).

They’re losing water or muscle protein.

What is the purpose of fat really?

The purpose of fat is to provide a back-up fuel source only used when you starve your body of sugar (glucose).

Fat is not used unless you’re sugar free, which is why a low carb diet, that isn’t starvation, will help you burn fat.

So try getting all sugars out of your diet. Sugar increases insulin and insulin is a hormone that keeps you from burning fat.

Sugar is not a clean fuel. Fat is. Your body and your brain run very efficiently on fat fuel. In fact, this is called ketosis, a state where you’re running on fat.

So in order to lose weight, to lose the fat, you have to convert from sugar burning into fat burning.

Your body actually has to make new cellular machinery to burn fat.

So, what we have to do is STARVE the body of SUGAR.

Stress Eating

Are you a stress eater?

When you eat carb-loaded comfort foods, or drink alcohol, these things don’t relieve stress.

Instead you’re spiking the blood sugar, and insulin brings it down, then you feel down, irritable, and emotionally low.

When you go through stress, you get knocked out of the present, and you’re somewhere else. You’re not thinking about the consequences of today.

You just want relief now.

Justifications are things we tell ourselves to make stress eating okay. “It’s not working anyway,” “I worked really hard.” All these are invented reasons.

Instead, why not go work out or go for a walk with your best friend!

Fixing the Wrong Problem

The majority of people trying to lose weight and keep it off, keep jumping into the wrong solution over and over.

They’re not addressing the RIGHT problem.

The weight is an indicator of something else wrong.

Doctors say get rid of the weight and everything else will go away. NOT TRUE. Fix the problem and the weight will disappear. So, how do we know what the problem is.

Look at cause and effect.

I use this little investigation tool. It’s simple: Ask, when did you start gaining and developing stubborn belly fat?

What happened just before that? A stress event? Loss of a loved one? Divorce? Injury? Shift in the diet?


Do you have a problem with eating out of boredom? People live for sensation. Any sensation.

Boredom is one of the worst emotions.


1. Get junk foods out of the house and replace them with healthy foods.

Not being tempted helps. We all have weaknesses.

2. Provide yourself with healthy alternatives when you’re in a situation of boredom. Go outside, do crafts, or hobbies. The world is your oyster!

Social Situations

I want to discuss this big problem we have with social situations that might wreck your diet:

Holidays, events, anniversaries, office parties, friends who push alcohol on you, etc.

Honestly, who is the weird one? They’re destroying their bodies, not you.

Find friends who will support you and set new trends.

The temptations in social situations will be

1. Sugar

2. Grains that turn into sugar

3. Alcohol

Some working people have to take people out to dinner. It’s a real problem.

Sometimes, if people are really trying to tempt me I get inventive and say “I drank too much last night” or “I’m a recovering alcoholic.”

I’ll give you some recipes for party foods you can make and set trends for your friends and family on how to party deliciously but healthy. Once you introduce your friends to the recipes, they’ll want the recipes, and then you’re making your friends your advocates.

Reward Foods

Occasionally you want to reward yourself for good things. This can get you in trouble though.

It’s a trap.

You’ll be doing all kinds of good things, you know. So yes, it will give you pleasure, but that will quickly turn into pain. What you want and what your body needs are different. Your body does not need CAKE.

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Eat Everything on Your Plate

Have you been taught to eat everything on your plate? This teaching has been pushed on most of us since childhood.

It won’t help any starving people if you keep eating everything on your plate.

But it will hurt you.

1. There isn’t a scarcity and you won’t starve

2. We have to design our meals at the optimum amount—no stuffing ourselves.

Many restaurants bring you large man-size portions, or offer all you can eat buffets. When you reach the age of 35 or older, you cannot eat the volume of food you ate as a teenager.

Your older body cannot digest it.

If you have a very large portion, be okay with just eating some of it.

My offer to you

Support for your healthy metabolism and body weight that you will love.

Support for normal sleep cycles

Support for a healthy liver and normal blood sugars.

Support for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Support for normal cardiovascular function.

Support for normal joint motion and ligament function.

Support for a normal immune system.

The keto lifestyle supports increased vitality and energy; and helps to decrease stress, body fat and irritability.

“…things are possible until you believe they are impossible.”

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