Leo’s Keto Journey

Years ago when my partner, Auset, introduced me to the keto lifestyle I couldn’t believe it and I certainly didn’t think I needed it. I wasn’t overweight and I had no health issues. I ate a high fiber diet and I loved to exercise.

Auset on the other hand, wanted to lose a lot of weight and improve her health. She thought keto would solve her issues. I watched as Auset turned her diet upside down, ate delicious rich food, and dropped 50 pounds.

When I look back on my passions and what drove me through out my 60 years, I see 3 main things: Cooking and eating delicious food, exercising, and being healthy.

I enjoyed advising people about exercise and cooking. I even became a fitness trainer and a chef. One of the biggest issues my trainees had was knowing what to eat. I explained that low fat, pre-packaged foods were not healthy, but media said otherwise. The clients who didn’t cook usually relied on this type food. I realized that food affected their workouts. It was like we were all trapped in a low fat, high carb bubble. I felt that the standard American diet was not working for most people.

Auset’s success in getting her life back forced me to take a serious look at the keto lifestyle. Gradually, I learned how to have breakfast with out oatmeal. I gave up dinners of rice and beans. I turned my back on my favorite Chinese restaurant.

As a result of all this letting go of the old, for my 60th birthday my lab results came back better than ever! I enrolled in Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto certification course. I learned so much about Healthy Keto that the small love handles that I took for granted disappeared. No extra exercise required!

I love helping folks regain their health and shed unwanted pounds! When people express their appreciation and tell me I am an awesome coach, I say “Thank you, it’s my pleasure!”

It’s an honor to coach a person who has decided to change their lifestyle and become healthier. It’s an honor because I know from personal experience that making health improvements is a big deal.

Good health is priceless!

I look forward to helping you get healthier!